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TinyMCE 4.7.6 发布,可视化 HTML 编辑器

2018/1/31 13:54:050人浏览0评论

可视化 HTML 编辑器 TinyMCE 发布 4.7.6 版本了,这是一个 bug 修复版本,主要修复如下 Bug:

  • FIXED a bug in the jquery integration where it threw an error saying that "global is not defined".

  • FIXED a bug where deleting a table cell whose previous sibling was set to contenteditable false would create a corrupted table.

  • FIXED a bug where highlighting text in an unfocused editor did not work correctly in IE11/Edge.

  • FIXED a bug where the table resize handles were not being repositioned when activating the Fullscreen Plugin.

  • FIXED a bug where the Imagetools Plugin dialog didn't honor editor RTL settings.

  • FIXED a bug where block elements weren't being merged correctly if you deleted from after a contenteditable false element to the beginning of another block element.

  • FIXED a bug where TinyMCE didn't work with module loaders like webpack.

TinyMCE是一个轻量级的基于浏览器的所见即所得编辑器,支持目前流行的各种浏览器,由JavaScript写成。功能配置灵活简单(两行代码就可以将编辑器嵌入网页中),支持AJAX。另一特点是加载速度非常快,如果你的服务器采用的脚本语言是 PHP,那还可以进一步优化。最重要的是,TinyMCE是一个根据LGPL license发布的自由软件,你可以把它用于商业应用。下图是此编辑器的界面